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Garlic bread!

Ooooh boy! Garlic bread time! I love my garlic bread and so do so many other people whom I've made it for. This recipe is one my Dad taught me and I've done exactly the same ever since. There are many different ways to make garlic bread but this is the most delicious (to me anyway :D ).

Ingredients you'll need:
•    Bread
•    Garlic salt
•    Garlic powder
•    Basil
•    Oregano
•    Parmesan Cheese (grated or shredded)
•    Butter
The choices of bread are so vast, you can basically use whatever kind you want from a fresh homemade French loaf to hot dog buns (yes you can lol). I've used all sorts of different breads. Easy breads you could use are left over hot dog buns you don't have any hot dogs for or a loaf of say white bread from the grocery store. Most grocery stores have a bakery and you'll be able to pick out a great fresh baked bread from there too. Depending on how many people you’re feeding, choose your bread wisely. If you pick a large French loaf from the bakery, that would be a good choice for a large group of people. Sliced, it serves about 22 people one slice each. Though I'm sure people will want more than one piece lol. If you're making for just 2 (as we always do) I've found these nifty "Half Loafs" the bakery makes for sandwiches. Those are usually located by the bagles and whatnots. Those make large slices you could even split into 4 and be plenty for all. Some really fancy bread you could try is the Asiago cheesy bread. MMM! That’s particularly good with regular cheddar cheese shredded on top and broiled. YUM! But whatever you try, be sure it'll feed enough!

I attended a 4th of July "Cowboy Camp" with my husband and a friend of 11 years out to her farm for a potluck and dance party. YEEHAW. So I chose as a side dish; Garlic Bread! I was struck with this brilliant idea driving home from work (the day of the party) and quickly stopped by the store and picked up some fresh baked bread. It's so quick and easy, it's a really nice side dish.

Now that you have your bread picked out, the tools you'll need for this operation is a nice sharp bread knife, a butter knife and hot pads or mitts. Be very careful slicing with that big knife... super sharp and it's easy to slip with this awkward bread. Also while you're preparing your bread, turn your oven on "Broil" and turn it to its hottest setting.

Alright! Now you're bread is successfully sliced in 2. When slicing you'll also want to make sure they're even. You don't want one side thicker than the other, it'll compromise the broiling and burn one and under broil the other. Mmmmm fresh bread! Now it's time to butter! You'll need LOTS of butter. Oh did I tell you this recipe is not fat free :) Indulge!!

You can make it with low fat, salt free butter or margarine. Whatever you choose :)

Thickly buttered! When using the butter, make sure it's really.... really soft. I say that because I thought my butter was soft enough but I ended up making quite a mess trying to melt it. So be sure and take your butter out of the fridge well before needing to spread. If you use hard butter, the bread will clump up and you won't get anywhere, trust me lol. Very messy.

The ingredients you'll be needing are all available at any grocery store. I like to buy my sweet basil and whole oregano from the Mexican food section. They have those small packages of dried herbs and spices for very cheap prices... and very tasty!

Now the herbs from Italy right there (oops I put an extra L in there LOL... yikes) were actually from Italy my grandparents brought back many years ago for my dad. He has a big bag of it and I need to replenish my stash. It has a very exquisite taste, even with the pepper seeds. Kinda spicy if you get some of those but I make sure and add it to all of my Italian meals!

After applying my butter, the next ingredient I add is the garlic salt. Hence the word salt, I would go lightly on it if you're watching your salt intake. It gives it good flavor but if you want more garlic than salt, go ahead and use the garlic powder and minced garlic pieces.

Then sprinkle on your herbs. Your basil should already be crushed into pieces but if you bought whole oregano, you'll need to crush that yourself. I pour some in the palm of my hand and use my fingers to crush... I love the smell of oregano so if it's all over me, I don't mind! Sprinkle lots on your bread. I prefer more oregano to basil, but you put as much as you want.

To top it off, you add your grated parmesan cheese liberally. I've tried shredded parmesan, that's really delicious and ads more crunch to the bread, it also looks pretty fancy! With the Asiago cheese bread you can also add the cheddar cheese to the top. So many options!

Your bread is all prepared! You're oven should be pretty hot so now you'll use your oven mitts to place the bread in your oven. You could use a cookie pan if you're not comfortable placing the bread straight on the oven shelf. Make sure the bread isn't tipped over; one side will get cooked faster than the other. The top slice tends to tip because of its shape, so you can use the other bread to lean it on. Leave your oven door open! You're bread will cook too fast and burn very quickly if it's closed. It's also handy to leave it open if your oven (like mine) doesn't have a window. My light inside usually doesn't work but for today, it's decided to be nice.


Keep an eye on your bread at all times. When the edges start to brown, get your oven mitts ready. I usually wait till the top of the bread is pretty browned and the sides are dark. The whole broiling process takes maybe 5 min, tops. Now that it's done, get your oven mitts out again, your bread is pretty hot. Carefully pull out the bread and set it on a cooling rack or just your cutting board will work. This garlic bread is at its most deliciousness when it's fresh out of the oven! YUM!

Nice and browned! Once you're bread is cooled enough to touch, I get my bread knife out again and slice it into long pieces. I try and make them a good size, maybe an inch.. inch and a half or so wide. Since I'm taking this with me to the hoedown, I'm putting the slices on my nice big plate and covering it with foil for the ride.

Now since the foil isn't large enough to cover the whole plate fully, I had to use two pieces together. A nifty way to keep them together is to place the long sides together and kind of fold it over its self. This creates a sort of dome for the plate so the food isn't squished and stays fresh.

Alright! I hope that you enjoy making this delicious side dish and that the directions were easy to follow! Any questions, comments and concerns, please feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to help :)



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Jul. 11th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
This makes me salivate. 8D I've never heard of leaving the oven door open while it broils, that's interesting.
Jul. 11th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
lol :D

Yeah that's just how I was taught. Not many of our ovens have had windows so maybe thats why? lol
Jul. 11th, 2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
God I miss your garlic bread.. *drools*
Jul. 11th, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
Hey now YOU can make it! <3 It's SO easy and if you have trouble, call me!! <3<3
Jul. 12th, 2008 11:33 am (UTC)
This is wonderful!!
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