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BBQ'd Chicken.

Ahhh one of my favorite things to make; Chicken :) I love chicken. I also love it BBQ'd!

Here I will show you a couple different ways to make delicious and juicy chicken and how to BBQ it properly. If you don't have a BBQ, the method is exactly the same but with your oven on broil.

When I select the chicken I'm going to cook, I usually go with the boneless and skinless breasts. Those have less fat and you don't have the hassle of bones. Though I do love hot wings now and then.

Anyway, the chicken I prepared today is the kind I make most often; Italian. My Dad taught me this recipe (along with several others) and I've modified to my liking. We buy our chicken from Costco and the rest of the ingredients I get from a grocery store.

What you'll need (when cooking for two):
  • 2 Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • lemon juice
  • Italian marinade dressing (I prefer Bernstein's brand)
  • garlic powder
  • garlic salt
  • basil
  • salt free chicken rub
  • fresh ground pepper
  • olive oil

Since I get my chicken breasts from Costco, they come already frozen so I need to defrost them. There are several different ways to defrost chicken safely; you can take them out ahead of time and place them in a closed container in the fridge, place them in warm water until thawed or in the microwave on low heat for a few seconds at a time. I suggest warm water or the fridge as the microwave could cook it too much and get dry. If you purchased your chicken fresh from the store and thawed, place it in the fridge until you have everything you'll need ready.

Nice defrosted chicken. At this time you can also trim it of its fat (if any) before marinating. Once I have everything set out for use I sprinkle some lemon juice on both sides of the chicken along with fresh ground pepper. The lemon juice helps break down the chicken and makes it very juicy. It also gives it a tasty flavor :)
The Italian marinade I use has a lot of key ingredients that make the marinade so delicious. The top is oil, middle is vinegar and settled at the bottom is a mixture of herbs and garlic. Tasty! The brand Bernstein's is one that my Dad and I have been using since... I can remember. I've tried other brands and nothing compares to this. If this brand is not carried in your store, check out the other kinds; see if any of them have these ingredients in them.

Now if you're looking for a different kind of flavor besides Italian, I have several other favorite marinades I use. You could use Teriyaki, BBQ sauce or just a plane chicken rub would work nicely. Whatever you choose it will be delicious!

Here are the two favorite marinades I use besides Italian. The brand Soy Vay has several different flavors but this one in particular is my favorite. It has pineapple flavor along with teriyaki and sesame seeds. The Yoshida's marinade we purchased at Costco. They also make soy sauce but this one is very thick and has a wonderful flavor. When I make both of these types of marinade, I add some fresh ground pepper along with the lemon before marinating.

So after you've applied your lemon and pepper I let it sit for a little while, let the lemon soak in. I also rub it in pretty good, messaging it into the meat. Once you’re done with that I add my garlic salt, garlic powder, basil and chicken rub. Don't add your marinade just yet. I rub this in on both sides pretty good until I'm satisfied. You could even add rosemary to this if you so wish. That goes well with the lemon.

When you add your marinade, be careful not to wash away all that you just put on the chicken. I pour it in till the chicken is half submerged; you don't need too much but enough for the chicken to soak in. Again, massage it in really good and get all the goodies in the nooks and crannies :)

Once you've drenched your chicken in delicious marinade, set it in your fridge to percolate. Make sure you place it on the most bottom shelf of the fridge so any chicken juices don't drip on food you may have open in there. Now that your chicken is soaking, you have some time to prepare anything else you're going to cook with it. With this meal I'm making white rice and steamed broccoli. I also get my timer out, a plate for the chicken and basting materials. I have small glass bowls I use to mix some of the marinade in for the BBQing process.

When BBQing It's good to baste your chicken (or what have you) to keep it moist and not dry out. I use the same mixture I put on the chicken, in the basting bowl.

It's a good idea to have everything ready so the process goes smoothly and there's no frustration. Tongs are used to flip and handle the chicken onto the BBQ and the basting brush is for.... basting.

I use the silicone tipped brush because it cleans well and the 'hair' brushes sometimes lose their 'hairs' onto your food. Not very appetizing. The silicone can withstand high heats and come with a convenient long handle so you don't burn your hand in the basting process (like I always do).

I recommend you leave your chicken marinating for about a half an hour or so just go get it all soaked into the chicken. It gives it good flavor. If you really wanted, you could make your chicken marinade and place your chicken in a large zip lock bag over night, then your chicken would be very delicious :)

After getting my tools ready, I get my rice and broccoli cleaned and ready for steaming.

When I first started cooking, I had a hard time timing when to start the rice or the chicken or what have you so everything was done at the same time and nothing gets cold. For my particular rice maker, it takes about 10 minutes longer than the chicken does when cooking so I know to start that when I get my grill ready. Steaming broccoli doesn't take very long so I get the water ready and boiling so all you have to do is set your broccoli on top the steam when you’re ready.

After your half hour of marinating is done, I get my grill hot and start my rice maker. (By the way I'm using a gas grill). If you don't have a grill and are using your oven, set your oven shelf in the middle and set it to broil, medium heat. When placing your chicken in the oven to broil, I get out a cookie sheet and a small rack for the chicken to sit on so the fat drips down below instead of soaking back into the meat. Also when you’re broiling, keep your oven door open! The cooking time is the same exact as you would BBQing it. So follow these next steps.


Set it on high and get it to about 300 degrees. Hopefully your grill has a temperature gage, if not, wait about 5 minutes then turn off your grill. Once your flames are out, I get the olive oil out and an old rag. Rub the olive oil thoroughly on the grills, this prevents your chicken from sticking to the grill in the BBQing process. After you’re all oiled up, turn it back on to medium heat and close the lid. Once your grill is to about 500 degrees, I get my chicken out and ready.

Once you get your chicken on the grill, you can use any leftover marinade in the bowl you had them in since the chicken is still raw. You don't want to use it any time after. Immediately dispose of the old marinade and start your timer for 7 minutes. Keep your grill top closed during this time. While waiting, check on your boiling water and rice. When your timer goes off, it's time to flip your chicken to the other side.

But before you flip, get your little bowl of marinade out and your baster and baste the top real well, getting the sides. You might see fat bubbles, just brush those off. Carefully flip your chicken over, it shouldn't stick from the olive oil you put on the grill before. If it does stick a little, just use your tongs to carefully remove it without breaking the chicken. If you're using BBQ sauce or teriyaki, your chicken might be a little dark and blackened. That's because of the sugars in the marinade that caramelize. If you're using the Italian marinade, beware that the oil in it is very flammable and might create large flames when basting. So watch your fingers!

Set your timer for another 7 minutes and close your grill lid. At this time your broccoli water is probably boiling and is safe to place your broccoli on top to steam. You can check for doneness with a fork. If the fork slides in easily, it's done. It really depends on how you like your veggies steamed; if you like them pretty mushy or crunchy, it's up to you. It's best to keep the heat to a minimum when cooking vegetables to retain as much as the nutrients as possible. The less heat, the better. Boiling and over steaming, you might lose its goodness. I also like to add cheese when it's done. I had never tried that before until I met my husband lol it's very good!

Once your chicken is done, place it on your designated plate and set your timer again but for 5 minutes. Do not cut your chicken yet! If you've followed the cooking directions and depending on the thickness of your chicken breasts, it's most likely done. Leaving your chicken untouched for 5 minutes lets the chicken settle; the inside is still cooking even though it's off the grill. This goes for all BBQ'd meats, if you cut it directly after cooking, all the juices leak out and your meat becomes dry.

After your 5 minutes is up, you're ready to serve! Your rice and broccoli should be finished by now. But whatever you make with your chicken, it goes with a variety of things! You could make it with a salad and slice it on top... pastas of many sorts... or you can even slice it up in a sandwich. That's always very good.

I hope that this recipe is delicious for you and easy to follow! Any questions, comments, concerns... please feel free to comment! I'm always around to help. I also have AIM you can contact me on; all my information is in my LiveJournal info page.

Also if you're wondering what to do with leftovers, here's a good idea. Sometimes the chicken breasts are a little large and I'm unable to eat it all. Also when I make white rice for two, I make two cups and that always gives us a good amount of leftovers for lunch the next day. I cut up my left over chicken into bite sizes; place my rice in a travel container with the cut chicken and some frozen veggies on top :). I always look forward to leftovers for lunch! Mmmm Bento!


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