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June Eats!

Do you cook?

12 October 1984
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My name is June and here I’m going to update as much as possible with fast, easy and delicious meals for any time of the day. I usually cook for 2 since it’s just me and the husband but we usually end up with leftovers. A lot of people like my cooking so I thought I would share my recipes and techniques to you all. They’re all pretty easy!

The things I’ll be posting are going to be mostly geared towards people who cook, want to learn to cook or have a hard time cooking and need some extra help. Most things will be easy recipes with less than an hour of prep and cooking time. I will also be posting meals that take a little more time and effort but they are worth the work and you learn on the way.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions please feel free to ask away! If you have a recommendation or question on how to cook something, I will most likely know how and I can post about it :)

Not only will this be about how to make foods but foods I enjoy, where to get them and special nutritional value.

I hope you enjoy browsing my journal for ideas and help!

Some ideas may have been received from other people or from cooking/baking websites. I will put credit towards those who I received them from. I will also soon have a plethora of “tags” you can sort through if you’re looking for a particular type of food, cooking method or whatnot. It’ll just take some time!

Thanks again!

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